🌴 React Miami 2022🌴

🌴 React Miami 2022🌴

Miami😱 We still cannot fully realise that we managed to host our first ever Tech Conference in Miami!

Our dream came true and today we would like to share our experience with you and tell you our story🤗!

But First we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our INCREDIBLE partners, that made this all possible! Working with G2i was a blessing, that resulted in creating such an immense experience!

On 18-19 April 2022 #ReactMiami Conference took place at the Miami Beach Convention Center within the eMerge Americas Conference, gathering almost 500 React developers to learn, have fun, network and mingle🙌

#ReactMiami brought together 22 industry leaders to share the latest in React ranging from technical writing to web3 and everything in between 🥰 And we would like to tell our huge thank you to every speaker that shared his knowledge within this amazing event!

🌴 Nader Dabit - Full Stack Web3 - The Technology Stack for the Decentralized Web

🌴 Lee Robinson - Expectation vs. Reality of Marketing Websites

🌴 Ariana The Techie - Blockchain Through the Eyes of Art!

🌴 Susanna Wong - Modular Future: Rebuilding ML Pipeline Visualization Tool for Modular Pipelines

🌴 Brandon Bayer - Build Fullstack 10x Faster with Blitz.js

🌴 Gregory Johnson - Build with Govs an API for the Physical World

🌴 Kathleen McMahon - Stealth-Mode North Star! Rebranding in Secret with Feature Flags

🌴 Rahat Chowdhury - A Frontend Developers Guide to Web3

🌴 Kent C. Dodds - The Stack of the Future

🌴 Ben Ilegbodu - Migrating from Enzyme to React Testing Library

🌴 Jenn Creighton - Debugging Async JS

🌴 Jerome Hardaway - React: Rendering Hope To America’s Veterans

🌴 Camila Ramos - GraphQL in Web3: Building a Decentralized API

🌴 Ashley Huynh - Democratizing Live Video with React

🌴 Will Johnson - React Animation Made Easy

🌴 Rick Blalock - Faster and Better UX Helps Ocean Sustainability

🌴 Isabela Moreira - Building Empathy and Accessible Apps

🌴 Facundo Giuliani - Are you DXperienced?

🌴 Emily Thomas - Leverage Hybrid Apps for Secure Auth

🌴 Shawn "Swyx" Wang - Temporal: React for the Backend

🌴 Kathryn Grayson Nanz - Learn Enough Design to be Dangerous

🌴 Tejas Kumar - Building a Massively Scalable and Performant Jamstack App in Minutes

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You can enjoy the amazing talks that were given at #ReactMiami Conference and learn from our world class speakers here🤩

Our team cannot put it in words how implemented we feel right now to say that our dream came true and we managed to host an incredible event, giving you the possibility to enjoy, network and create new lifetime memories with us 🥳

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We would also love to give a huge shout out to our sponsors, without their help we couldn’t have done it. Beyond offering their support during the conference itself, they organised and hosted diverse activities and pleasant surprises for our attendees at their booths, as well as gave away awesome gifts🤩

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity and take your chance to join our incredible community!

We are eager to always move forward, evolve and tend to create greater and the most amazing events! Our community rises on a daily bases and we would love if you join us on this amazing journey🙂

Within our JSWORLD Conference, taking place on 📅 1-3 June 2022 at Theater of Amsterdam, developers will be educated on each spectrum of JavaScript to help them level up their skills with topics on the latest insights including Web3, Vue3 and React from JavaScript Frontend Developer Leaders from around the world 👉 Join us!

See you in June!